Once you select specific dates for your pop up shop by using the BrickOTR application, we will add you to our bookings calendar as a tentative listing.* To move from tentative to booked status, we’ll need to meet with you to do a walk-thru of BrickOTR, sign your contract and get your full payment to lock in your reservation.

*PLEASE NOTE: A tentative calendar placement DOES NOT reserve the pop up shop for you, it’s simply a calendar reminder for the dates that you’ve requested. This means that if another business comes in to book the space and completes their contract and payment, they could secure the space without warning.


OPTION 1: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (one weekday) $100
OPTION 2: Partial week (Monday-Wednesday) $225
OPTION 3: Weekend (Friday-Sunday or one weekend day) $400
OPTION 4: Entire week (Monday-Sunday) $650
OPTION 5: Entire month *BEST VALUE* (Starts on selected date & ends on the same date of the following month.) $1550

Each option includes utilities, Wi-Fi and insurance.
PLEASE NOTE: Pricing subject to change without notice & may be higher during peak seasons.


Let’s be honest.. doing a pop up shop isn’t a magical formula for quick cash and growing the popularity of your brand – BUT it can be beneficial in both of these areas if done correctly. Depending on how long you’ve been in business, the amount of merchandise that you have, customer following, social media reach etc., we sometimes suggest partnering with another business that sells different items but has a similar target market/demographic, so that you both benefit from the other person’s promotional efforts, but not competing because the items you sell will not be too similar. If you decide to go about doing your pop up shop this way, you can also split the costs down the middle with the other vendor to reduce the upfront investment.


1. Once your pop up shop is booked, please visit: http://cincinnatiusa.com/submit-event. There, you can submit information about your event to be included online and possibly the Enquirer’s printed calendar.

2. We have a monthly newsletter that we send out through our parent company, MORTAR. In this newsletter, we have a section where we specifically highlight upcoming pop up shops (this means YOU)! So, make sure that you send us promo graphics* for your upcoming pop up shop, and we’ll add it into the newsletter. [SUBSCRIBE HERE]

3. Using your promo graphic* we’ll also assist you in promoting your pop up shop through our social media channels. (Tag your own social posts with #BrickOTR, and we’ll retweet those too!)

4. Lastly, the BrickOTR team will also display your supplied promo poster design* in the venue’s window to announce your upcoming pop up shop.

*If you need assistance with graphic design services, please let us know and we’ll connect you with one of our design partners to get rates.